X-10 CM15A ActiveHome Pro USB PC Transceivers – Back in Stock!


We just received an order of CM15A ActiveHome Pro USB PC Transceivers in today, after being out of stock for quite some time. We only ordered a few of them last week, but more are on their way soon.  These are being sold without software at this time as the ActiveHome Pro software is not yet available from X-10 Pro USA but if you are just replacing your old CM15A or using it with Homeseer HS2 or another third party software you should be fine as long as you do not need to reinstall the drivers.

Please be aware that the new version of Homeseer, HS3, is NOT compatible with the CM15A.  We were told by a customer recently that had wanted to purchase HS3 and had called Homeseer to confirm it was compatible,  was told by them that they considered X-10 a low priority so they were not actively working on a plug-in for the CM15A and also that since X-10 was a “dead” technology – such a low priority for them that they only made the discontinued CM11A (along with the TI103 interface) the only X-10 interface available for HS3 at this time.

Wow, try telling that to the millions of X-10 users in the US and Canada!  Burn!

Plus, where do you buy a PC nowadays with an RS-232 serial connection?  I haven’t seen one of those installed in a PC since Windows XP came out around 2000!  If I were you I would stick with HS2.

Oh well, I guess it’s Homeseer’s loss, because the CM15A is back and it will be selling like hotcakes i’m sure.  There are plenty of other third party apps that will run with it.  We will be posting some other alternatives in the near future so stay tuned!

Kelly R. Foster – HA World

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