Vera Edge and the newer Gen5 devices from Aeon Labs, the SS6, MS6 and RGBW

VeraEdge Z-Wave Home Controller

VeraEdge Z-Wave Plus Home Controller

Aeon Labs SS6 packaging 1000x1000

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch 6 – Model ZW096-ZWUS

Aeon Labs MS6 packaging 1000x1000

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 – Model ZW100-ZWUS

aeon labs led bulb zw098 packaging 1000x1000

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus RGBW LED Bulb 9W (70W) Model ZW098-ZWUS







We have been working with Aeon Labs and Vera Controls for the past few weeks to figure out why the Aeon Labs Multisensor6, the Smart Switch 6 and the RGBW LED bulbs are having so many problems working with the VeraEdge, a Zwave Plus controller with the same series 500 chip as all Gen5 devices.

Yesterday, Vera Controls revealed that VeraEdge is not yet compatible with any of the new Gen5 devices from Aeon Labs, the aforementioned 3 products.  They are aware of the problem and are working on a new firmware update which is supposed to solve the problems.  We wanted to give all you Vera users a heads up in case you were also having issues as well.

We have tested all 3 Aeon Labs products on Fibaro HCLite, ISY994iZW/PRO IR, CastleOS, Gateway 3.0 from IpDatatel to date, and no issues whatsoever so it is clearly a Vera problem, not the devices.

Anyways, just wanted you all to know!  We will update this post as we get more info on the firmware upgrade, but please also check your Vera’s for it as well.

Have a great day, and thanks for letting us “automate YOUR world!”

Kelly R. Foster – HA World

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