Introducing Decora Smart with Z-Wave Plus Technology – Five New Lighting Controls


Decora Smart Devices with Z-Wave Plus Technology

The Z-Wave Lighting Control Experts at Leviton offer five NEW Z-Wave Plus Devices to attach to your hubs and security systems!

Introducing Decora Smart with Z-Wave Plus Technology – enhanced aesthetics and cutting edge innovation with new dimmers, a switch, and plug-in modules.

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Jasco Enters Into New Smart Home Territory with Introduction of Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus® LED Smart Bulbs


Jasco extends Z-Wave smart home solutions beyond wireless lighting controls by introducing the Enbrighten LED Smart Bulb.

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HomeSeer Adds Z-Wave Plus Products


HomeSeer is joining the growing number of smart-home companies offering products with wireless Z-Wave Plus.

Z-Wave Plus products offer increased range, extended battery life, over-the-air upgrades and more RF channels than earlier-generation Classic Z-Wave products. Z-Wave Plus products, however, are backward-compatible with Z-Wave Classic products.

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Buy Z-Wave Controlled Dimmable LED “Smart” Bulbs

Z-Wave Dimmable LED Bulbs

Z-Wave Dimmable LED Bulbs



Z-Wave LED Bulbs are a great addition to the huge line of Z-Wave products already available from over 350 manufacturers. Z-Wave Dimmable LED bulbs can be included into your Z-Wave network just like any other Z-Wave device, but instead of using a separate load control device or receiver to control the LED’s dimming and on/off functions, the bulbs are Smart and already have the new Z-Wave Plus Series 500 radios built right into them.

We have “smart” LED bulbs from top name manufacturers such as Aeon Labs, Nortek Security and Control’s (Linear) GoControl line, and Zipato.

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Vera Edge and the newer Gen5 devices from Aeon Labs, the SS6, MS6 and RGBW

VeraEdge Z-Wave Home Controller

VeraEdge Z-Wave Plus Home Controller

Aeon Labs SS6 packaging 1000x1000

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch 6 – Model ZW096-ZWUS

Aeon Labs MS6 packaging 1000x1000

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 – Model ZW100-ZWUS

aeon labs led bulb zw098 packaging 1000x1000

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus RGBW LED Bulb 9W (70W) Model ZW098-ZWUS







We have been working with Aeon Labs and Vera Controls for the past few weeks to figure out why the Aeon Labs Multisensor6, the Smart Switch 6 and the RGBW LED bulbs are having so many problems working with the VeraEdge, a Zwave Plus controller with the same series 500 chip as all Gen5 devices.

Yesterday, Vera Controls revealed that VeraEdge is not yet compatible with any of the new Gen5 devices from Aeon Labs, the aforementioned 3 products.  They are aware of the problem and are working on a new firmware update which is supposed to solve the problems.  We wanted to give all you Vera users a heads up in case you were also having issues as well.

We have tested all 3 Aeon Labs products on Fibaro HCLite, ISY994iZW/PRO IR, CastleOS, Gateway 3.0 from IpDatatel to date, and no issues whatsoever so it is clearly a Vera problem, not the devices.

Anyways, just wanted you all to know!  We will update this post as we get more info on the firmware upgrade, but please also check your Vera’s for it as well.

Have a great day, and thanks for letting us “automate YOUR world!”

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Adding Aeon Labs Gen5 Z-Wave Plus devices (SS6 & HD Switch) to Vera UI5 controllers, VeraLite/Vera3

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch 6 - Model ZW096-ZWUS

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch 6 – Model ZW096-ZWUS

Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Z-Wave Home Controller

Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Z-Wave Home Controller

If any of you have been having trouble adding Gen 5 (aka Z-Wave Plus Series 500 chips) devices to their Veralite or Vera3 Controllers running UI5, we discovered a workaround that we hope you will find useful!

This method “should” work for many Gen5 devices, it is purported to work with the Aeon Labs Heavy Duty Switch according to Vesternet, although we only tested it out specifically for the Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6, Model ZW096.  We are currently testing a Gen5 Recessed door sensor as well, but since z-wave sensors are a different class of device, we will deal with them in a future post.

So here is a step-by-step procedure to get the SS6 working in your VeraLite (should work for a Vera3 as long as you have UI5);

  1. Check that you have the upgraded firmware, which should be V1.5.622 according to the VeraLite GUI.  Go to “SETUP” < “Firmware” to find your version, give it a bit of time it takes a few minutes for it to come up.  When it does, you should have that version, if you don’t – upgrade it automatically and go to Step 2.  Always remember to back up first prior to a firmware upgrade!
  2. Now that you are up -to-date, you have to download and install yet another, different, later version of firmware, V1.5.672.  That version, as I understand it, was implemented by Vera to work for the newer Z-Wave devices coming out with Z-wave Plus.  It is unsupported as UI5 is actually dead but regardless, you need V1.5.672 in order to proceed.  Download it here or simply copy the URL,, into the form in your “Firmware” page and download it.  Follow the instructions and once its complete, carry on to Step 3.
  3. Include the device, it should come up in the GUI as an appliance module.  At this point, providing it was included properly, nothing will work – yet.  You can toggle the control on and off within Vera and the icon will show lighting up or not, but the load won’t come on.  Thats what has to be fixed in the following steps.
  4. Next  you have to create a scene in order to control it from within Vera.
    • I am not going to go into the details as to why this is, but it does work!
    • So, create a new scene for the SS6, but you are not going to create the trigger the normal way.  You will be using the “LUUP Tab” to enter in some Lua code as your trigger.  Carry on with Step 5.
  5. Copy and paste the following line of code into the Luup box in the “LUUP Tab”…
    • luup.call_action(‘urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1′,’SendData’,{Node=’88’,Data=’37 1 255′},1)
    • Note the following in the curly brackets at the end…Node refers to the Node ID which you need to get from the “Settings” tab of the SS6 device window – not the Device # but the ID number shown below the “Variables” section.  The other variables – leave them alone, again I am not going to explain further in the interests of simplicity.
  6. Save the lua code, confirm changes and Save.
  7. Next you need an “Off” scene, so repeat steps 4 & 5, but you need a different script for the Off scene, here it is…
    • luup.call_action(‘urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1′,’SendData’,{Node=’88’,Data=’37 1 0′},1).  Remember to change the node ID to your devices ID.
  8. Once Vera has finished and all is good test the scenes to make sure they work.  The scenes should now give you manual control of your SS6from within Vera.
  9. There you go, a fairly straight forward workaround using scenes and triggers as opposed to direct command control.

That should be it.  Hope this has helped you!  Credit goes to Vesternet and to the Vera Forums for the technical Z-Wave configuration and the Luaa code, I simply wanted to clarify and consolidate the entire process for anyone with this issue, as I had quite a time trying to find this information, so here it is in one simplified place.  For more specific info, here are the links we used…,28692.0.html

Have a great day, and thanks for letting us “automate YOUR world!”

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