Yonomi CEO on why smart home hubs will be obsolete


The Internet of Things is a burgeoning industry that seemed like it was going to take off several years ago, but the hubbub has since died. That doesn’t mean the interest is gone though – rather no one really knows what to do with all their smart devices. Take for example, Apple HomeKit or Nest,…

Source: Yonomi CEO on why smart home hubs will be obsolete

New App Can Control Your Entire Smart Home, No Hardware Needed


Two-and-a-half-year-old home tech company Yonomi (a slant-homonym of sorts for “you know me”) wants to accomplish an elusive goal: getting all the smart home gadgetry homeowners have purchased, from WiFi-enabled audio systems to lights and locks, to communicate. It just so happens that this is the seemingly insurmountable goal of the entire home tech sector. What sets Yonomi apart from the many other companies attempting similar feats of technological diplomacy, says its Boulder, Colorado-based CEO, Kent Dickson, is that it’s just an app.

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