The easiest way to get into home automation? A few light bulbs


 So what’s the easiest way to get into home automation?
I say it’s with a few connected light bulbs.
The first piece of hardware you’ll want is a hub.
There are light bulbs out there that will work directly through your phone, but if you are serious about home automation, pick a hub ecosystem like Samsung’s SmartThings or Wink’s Hub 2, and set it up on your home’s network.

Source: The easiest way to get into home automation? A few light bulbs | Technology | Dallas News

Wink’s new smart home hub is slimmer and more powerful


Every person who’s tried to smarten up their home knows the woes of dealing with multiple hubs — one for each brand’s products. Wink tried to solve that problem two years ago with its original Hub, and is now launching a successor that not only looks sleeker and is 25 percent slimmer, but also offers a simplified setup and pairing process, thanks to a new app. The Wink Hub 2, basically a control panel for all your connected devices, will be available for $99 in late October at Amazon, The Home Depot and Walmart.

Source: Wink’s new smart home hub is slimmer and more powerful

Introducing Wink Hub 2!


In 2014, Wink set out to make the smart home simple, intuitive, and accessible. A big part of turning that mission into reality was the Wink Hub.

We’re proud of what the Wink Hub has enabled us to accomplish, but it was just the beginning.Meet Wink Hub 2

Better, faster, more reliable, and more secure, Wink Hub 2 unlocks the magic of the smart home, today with;

  • Improved connectivity: A new Wi-Fi radio that supports both 2.4 and 5GHz networks and the introduction of an Ethernet port provide a more reliable and smooth network connection.
  • Industry leading device support: We’ve improved the Bluetooth LE radio in Wink Hub 2 and introduced a Thread-capable radio. That, along with support for Kidde, Lutron Clear Connect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and ZigBee means Wink Hub 2 works with more smart home technologies than any other.
  • Local control for Schedules and Robots: With a faster processor and 8x more memory, Wink Hub 2 runs advanced automations like Schedules (which prompt certain actions to take place at certain times of the day) and Robots (through which one product can trigger a series of actions in other products) locally for increased speed and reliability.
  • Enhanced security: New hardware features – including cryptographic verification – have been added to prevent tampering, and ensure Wink Hub 2 only runs trusted software.
  • Refined design: 25% slimmer, Wink Hub 2 sports a sleeker look and more elegant finish. We wanted it to be worthy of being featured prominently in the home, instead of gathering dust in a cabinet next to your router. The vertical design also ensures Wink Hub 2 communicates with your smart products smoothly.

Source: Introducing Wink Hub 2 — Wink Blog