Will Smart Homes Be As Common As Smartphones?



Sixty-eight percent of Americans say they are confident that smart homes will be as common as smartphones within 10 years, and 83 percent expect smart-home devices to be packaged with other services such as cable and Internet, an Intel-commissioned survey found. People expect simplicity in running their smart home and want a system that is secure from unauthorized users, Intel also said. Seventy-four percent expect their smart home to be as simple to set up as cable TV, and 75 percent are anxious about the number of passwords they will have to remember to manage smart devices in their homes.

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ABB Debuts Advanced Voice Activated Smart Home Automation System at IFA Consumer Electronics Show


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ABB, a global leader in power and automation, unveiled the world’s most advanced voice activated smart home automation system at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany.

This latest innovation allows consumers to use voice commands to control more than 60 home automation functions for the full range of applications in a typical residential smart home environment including lighting, heating, blind control and door communication.

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Smart Appliances’ Heyday On Its Way, Just Not Quite Yet



Much has been written and engineered around the concept of smart home appliances. Smart-home analyst Michael Wolf believes the connected kitchen, with its ability to make us healthier, safer and less wasteful, will present a $10.1 billion market opportunity by 2020. That first-generation of smart home appliances, from the previous decade, could automatically alter settings and cycles in sync with the peaks and valleys of power-grid demand in order to lower energy consumption and electric bills.

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Hi, welcome to my new Instructable on Home Automation.

This project was started to solve some common problems faced by everyone. Imagine it is a cold winter night,you are reading a novel on your bed, before going to sleep. After reading few pages,you are feeling drowsy and your eye getting closed.Oops! your room light is still on,but you have no more interest to wake up and go near to the power outlet.Then obviously you will want to do it from your bed.But how can you do it ? Don’t worry your Smartphone will do the job.

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Hackaday Prize Semifinalist: A Better Smart Plug



Walk into any home improvement store, and you’ll find dozens of smart accessories, home automation equipment, and WiFi-connected ephemera. The Belkin WeMo Insight is one of these devices, giving anyone with $60 and a WiFi network the ability to switch lights and appliances on and off over a network. [John] picked up one of these WiFi plugs, but it didn’t work exactly as he would like. Instead of building a smart plug from scratch, [John]replaced the controller board for a WeMo Insight for his Hackaday Prize entry, making it far more useful and a replacement for devices like the Kill-a-Watt.

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Babson alum raises $28 million for a smart doorbell




If youre a normal person, you dont think about your doorbell much. Ring, an Internet-connected doorbell that doubles as mini-home securitysystem, has raised $28 million in its Series B funding round. When someone pushes a Ring doorbell, the owner gets a notification on his or her phone and can stream video from a small camera that sits just above the button, whether or not the owner is at home.

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Alexa Now Your Smart Home Assistant As Amazon Echo Adds SmartThings Device Support


Amazon’s been working hard to improve Alexa, the cloud-based voice service that makes its Echo gadget more than just an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Back in June, Amazon made available its Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), a collection of self-service APIs and tools that make it easy for developers to improve Alexa’s skill set. Now Amazon is launching a Lighting API for Alexa with the Samsung-owned SmartThings platform jumping on board.

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