Z-Wave, Zigbee, Lutron Caseta, X-10 & Insteon 220VAC High Voltage Device Control



Z-Wave remote control & monitoring of 240VAC devices. Great for water heaters, high voltage lighting, pool pumps and appliances, motors up to 5HP

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4 Smart Energy Monitoring Systems to Help You Control Your Electricity Bill



We’ve written extensively on the benefits of home automation for energy management, particularly on how smart thermostats, such as those offered by Nest, Honeywell, Carrier and others allow you to easily adjust your homes temperature, even while you’re away, to save money and make your house more comfortable. However, there’s one important part that we left outsmart energy management is more than just automating how your thermostat goes up or down. Real energy management requires an energy monitoring system, which means knowing how much energy you’re using.

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