20 Wonderful Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi



The Raspberry Pi is an affordable single-board computer, the size of a credit card, that many hobbyists have used in their DIY projects. Despite its size, the Raspberry Pi packs a punch in computing power, providing affordability and portability on the side.

In this post, we bring to you a compilation of 20 cool things tech enthusiasts have done with Raspberry Pi. These are the kinds of projects that you can replicate and try yourself as the guides and video tutorials have been included here for your reference.

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Z-Wave Plus home automation hub runs Linux on Raspberry Pi



Z-Wave Europe and Popp & Co. have launched a Popp Hub home automation gateway that runs Linux on a Raspberry Pi, and supports Z-Wave and IP smart devices.  Z-Wave Europe GmbH, which bills itself as Europe’s largest distributor for Z-Wave wireless technology devices, is selling and distributing the Popp Hub smart IP home gateway on behalf of UK-based Popp & Co. The latter has previously launched products such as energy-automated wind and weather sensors, and a self-connecting smoke detector. The Popp-Hubs underlying Raspberry Pi 2 SBC runs the Z-Way Middleware, which Z-Wave Europe says is the first Z-Wave controller certified for the new Z-Wave Plus standard. Popp Hub front and rear views(click images to enlarge)The 89 x 71 x 25mm Popp Hub supports Z-Wave wireless enabled devices from more than 300 device manufacturers, including HVAC, security, lighting, alarm, windows and blind, and remote control systems, claims Z-Wave Europe, It can also work with many non Z-Wave devices like IP cameras and IP based devices and plugins, says the company.

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Raspberry Pi Gets a Touchscreen to Call Its Own



The Raspberry Pi Foundation on Tuesday announced the availability of a touchscreen that brings the low-cost tiny computer one step closer to becoming a standalone mobile device. The touchscreen was in development for nearly two years. The first round of screens will require some assembly of parts that arrive in a small kit, noted Gordon Hollingworth, director of software at Raspberry Pi.

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IFTTT + Raspberry Pi + Prota OS for home automation



What is IFTTT?

To sum up, IFTTT is a remote control for the Internet. The app let’s its users to create automation rules based on if this than that logic. For example, if you post a picture on Instagram — IFTTT can save the photo to Dropbox.

IFTTT app now has 148 channels that — as the Verge points out — works as a Lego set made our of web companies.

For us, makers, adding the vast IFTTT library of channels can be very useful and fun, so in this instructable we will learn how to do exactly that.

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Razberry Pi Z-Wave Plus (Series 500) GPIO Daughter Card

razberry header 1000x1000

Razberry Pi Z-Wave Plus (Series 500) GPIO Daughter Card

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The Z-Wave RaZberry GPIO Card is an add-on for the Raspberry Pi. Powered by the latest 500 series Z-Wave Plus chipset, the RaZberry contains all of the functionality needed to turn a Raspberry PI board into a fully operational and inexpensive Z-Wave gateway. (Razberry-Pi Main board NOT included).