New Product! Leviton VRMX1 Universal Dimmer for LED’s & CFL’s in stock now!

Leviton VRMX1 Universal Dimmer

The answer to all your dimming needs, for ALL loads including dimmable LED’s and CFL’s! On sale now and in stock for $89 free shipping!


The VRMX1 supports a universe of lighting applications including local and remote dimming control for incandescent, dimmable LED and CFL, halogen, and magnetic low voltage. The highly advanced Vizia RF+ device provides two-way feedback, is scene capable, includes 49 different fade rates and features user pre-sets for powering on and minimum brightness.


We expect these to be a hot seller for all you Leviton fans so pick up a couple before they are sold out. We only have limited stock on hand for now, but more are on the way so act quickly.


Kelly R. Foster – HA World