CEDIA 2017 Keynote Dave Evans: IoT Futurist Inspires New Thinking for Smart-Home Pros – CE Pro


Former Cisco chief futurist and Stringify co-founder Dave Evans to present opening keynote at CEDIA 2017, highlighting how new developments in IoIT (Internet of intelligent things) can apply to smart-home pros.

Source: CEDIA 2017 Keynote Dave Evans: IoT Futurist Inspires New Thinking for Smart-Home Pros – CE Pro

Who Will Rule “the Internet of Things”?



Apple, Google and Amazon have been investing in IoT to achieve first-mover advantage. In 2014 Apple announced the launch of HomeKit, marketed as home automation platform. The first shipment of devices, manufactured by Ecobee and Phillips Hue, are set to appear in retail later in 2015.

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Hybrid mesh solution released for smart buildings


hybrid mesh technology

Global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) applications Greenvity Communications has launched its hybrid mesh technology for smart energy solutions in commercial and industrial buildings.

Greenvity said in a company statement that hybrid mesh technology is the mixed-medium operation and algorithm between wireless and PLC that supports multiple hops for range extension, bridging and self-healing. It adds that up to now, standard methods of mesh networking have been restricted to wireless only or single medium. The hybrid mesh solution offered to commercial and industrial building owners relies on an algorithm to make decisions on whether wireless or powerline communication is the best medium in the current environment.

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