Official Vera smart home controller app comes to Windows Phone



The Vera Home Automation service have released an official beta app for Windows Phone. The app, for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10, lets you view and manage your home from the comfort of your couch, or from halfway around the world. If you have a Vera Smart Home Controller and home automation system for climate, lighting, security and more the app lets you: Control your front door, monitor your home and property.

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Insteon + Harmony Control your Insteon home from your Logitech Harmony remote.


With Harmony and Insteon Hub, integrating Insteon devices into your home theater experience has never been easier.

Thanks to a Harmony action channel on IFTTT, you can trigger Insteon devices through Harmony IFTTT actions. It’s now possible to turn on the lights and set the whole-house audio to background music – and you can trigger it with any supported trigger on IFTTT like location, SMS or Automatic.

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Home Automation Systems with Joe Dada CEO of Insteon


Home automation systems, does Joe Dada of Insteon know much about it? You bet he does. Listen to him talk with Grant Imahara and Mouser about how he makes smart homes even smarter with automation technology that works with dual mesh networking. Insteon advanced automation even supports the Apple Wa

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HA World Testing Department – Home Automation Hub & Device Compatibility


Did you know that HA World has a dedicated testing department that actually installs and uses many of the Z-Wave, Insteon, Lutron Caseta & Pico, X-10 and Zigbee devices that we sell in our store with some of the most popular HA hubs and gateways?

Here is a list of the hubs we currently have up and running for testing…

Wink Hub by Quirky/Wink (We just became a Quirky/Wink dealer)

VeraEdge and VeraLite from Vera Controls, Inc.

Fibaro Home Center Lite

Universal Devices Z-Wave/Insteon Controller ISY994I ZW/PRO IR

Universal devices newly released Z-wave compatible ISY994iZW/IR PRO

From Insteon, both the older X-10 compatible Insteon Hub as well as the new 2014 version Insteon Hub 2

IP Datatel Gateway 2.0

Homeseer HS3 Home Automation Software

ActiveHome Pro and various X-10 Controllers/Interfaces (CM15A)

Coming soon – Lutron Bridge, Staples Connect, IRIS hubs and more…

We test these popular hubs with many different home automation products that we sell including brands and manufacturers such as Linear Corp (now Nortek Security & Control), GE Jasco, Vera Controls, Leviton, Cooper Aspire, Honeywell, Kwikset, Aeon Labs, Fibaro Home Intelligence, Insteon, X-10 Pro USA, Evolve Guest Controls, Awox Bluetooth, Wink/Quirky, Lutron Caseta/Pico Clear Connect, Centralite, Enerwave and more.

We consider this type of direct product testing a very important value added feature of the services and products we provide to our customers.  We hope you appreciate it as well.

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We also have a free, live chat line for technical support on our home page and in our online store if you need help or have some questions.  It’s open every day we are from 8:30am to 4:30pm MST.

Or you can call us Toll Free at 1-800-920-9804


Thanks for letting us “automate YOUR world”!

Kelly R. Foster – HA World


HA World now sells Insteon!


HA World is now an Insteon dealer! Our first order of Insteon Switches, Dimmers and the new Insteon controllable LED bulbs just arrived this morning. We have the Insteon hub in stock as well. Give as a day or two and we will be listing the new line from Smarthome at our usual great prices and as always, the best customer service on the planet. Fast and Free shipping too!

Controlling X-10 devices with a VeraLite from Mi Casa Verde using IR and a USB-UIRT


Very cool project I just completed yesterday as a result of doing some homework for a customer of mine relating to the use of IR through my Mi Casa Verde Veralite Z-Wave Controller/Gateway (click that link if you need a VeraLite, we are having a 10% off sale on both them and the Vera3 right now!)

In a nutshell, what I managed to do was to be able to control my X-10 devices by transmitting X-10 signals through my USB-UIRT which was plugged into the Veralite, into a 3rd party version of the old, discontinued IR-543 which I had kicking around for testing IR devices that we sell in one of our stores.  Worked great!

Normally you would need an Insteon Modem 2413U that you plug into the VeraLite and then configure it to work as an Insteon controller and send Insteon commands.  This also would allow you to control X-10 devices because Insteon is backwards compatible with X-10.  These cost about $80 on Amazon or directly from Smarthome.  What I did eliminated the need for the 2413U modem in my setup because I already use a number of IR-543’s with my universal remotes to control X-10 lights and appliances.  When I started trying to get the IR working on Vera I noticed that there was an IR command set for X-10.  I wondered if it might be similar to the IR codesets that universal remotes use within the auxiliary mode to send X-10 commands over IR.  Low and behold, that is exactly what it seemed to do!  I used the built-in virtual remote keypad inside the Vera, dialed in my house code on the IR-543, punched in the unit code inside Vera and A-1 was up and running!  A-2 was another keypunch away and that was all I needed to know.  Now for some more testing to see what else I can do with it!

Oh, btw, It also allowed me to control X-10 from my Android smartphone using the Vera Mobile app I had already installed!  Worked exactly the same as the Vera Internet GUI on my PC!  More software apps for Vera also available on our Home Automation Software page.

Very cool learning day!  Can’t wait to experiment with Z-wave scene now and using IR commands to control A/V devices as scenes triggered from z-wave events.  More to come on that as well.

Kelly R. Foster – HA World

What is Home Automation – An Introduction to Z-Wave (Blog Post 2)

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There are many different types of home automation protocols and over the few posts, I am going to talk about each one of these, in depth.  Because of its popularity and ease of use, I am going to start the series with a Home Automation standard called Z-Wave.

Z-Wave is a proprietary wireless communications protocol for home automation.  Specifically, it is a standard used to remotely control applications in residential homes, and uses radio frequency signals to send and receive commands to your household systems such as lighting, home control, entertainment, household appliances and much more.

It has long been the opinion of a great number of people in the industry that the Z-Wave protocol is destined to become the ipso de facto standard for Home Automation.  After using X-10 and Insteon for well over 15 years, and up until about 7 or 8 years ago, I would have argued that Insteon would be better equipped to become the new standard.  However, the formation of the Z-Wave Alliance in 2005 has changed all that, Z-Wave now has as good of a chance as any to become a true standard for an industry that severely needs a leader, or at the very least some standardized specifications.  Now there is a subject that needs to be discussed, a topic for new day!

The Z-Wave protocol offers a huge variety of products to the industry.  The protocol has been designed into almost a thousand Consumer Electronic-related products to date (the Z-Wave Alliance just announced the certification of the 900th Z-Wave product on September 23 this year) and the Z-Wave Alliance now consists of an open consortium of over 160 manufacturers who create products and services based on Z-Wave.  Z-Wave Alliance membership is comprised of industry leaders from across the entire spectrum of the home controls market.  The vast number of applications and products that now meet the z-wave standard are far too many to list in their entirety, but in my upcoming posts, I am going to attempt to cover some of the notable areas or disciplines.

Next time, I am going to give you a bit of history of the Z-Wave protocol, as I continue the series with the next installment, “A Brief History of Z-Wave”.  Have a good one and until then, thank you for letting us “Automate your World”.

Kelly R. Foster – HA World