9 Smartphone IFTTT Tricks to Make Your Life 100x Easier



Life is hectic and busy. Wouldn’t it be great if technology could actually simplify your life for once?

Sometimes it just isn’t enough to refresh your morning routine and seek out hobbies that’ll make you happier. Sometimes you just need a practical way to deal with everyday chores and obstacles.

If that describes you, then you need to start using IFTTT now.

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20 Wonderful Things You Can Do with Raspberry Pi



The Raspberry Pi is an affordable single-board computer, the size of a credit card, that many hobbyists have used in their DIY projects. Despite its size, the Raspberry Pi packs a punch in computing power, providing affordability and portability on the side.

In this post, we bring to you a compilation of 20 cool things tech enthusiasts have done with Raspberry Pi. These are the kinds of projects that you can replicate and try yourself as the guides and video tutorials have been included here for your reference.

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These Robotic Fingers Will Automate Pretty Much Anything



Home automation is great. It lets you do things at set schedules automatically. For example you could have your house lights turn on at a certain time, have your coffee machine begin brewing/heating up in the morning, and so on. However most of the time this means you need to purchase said connected object.

But what if you could automate your home without having to replace all your appliances? The good news is that there is a way. Dubbed the Microbot Push, basically these are a set of “robotic fingers” that push buttons for you on your behalf. The concept behind it is because a lot of appliances are controlled but buttons, why not have those buttons pushed for you remotely?

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Microbot Push automates the push of a button



When it comes to home automation, there are a number of routes you can take to automate the things around your home. You can get things like lamp controllers that will turn you lamps on and off and there are wirelessly controllable light switches for the wall. If you don’t want to replace the light switches or have other things with buttons that you want to automate the Microbot Push will do the trick.

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LAKE FOREST and SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Nov. 4, 2015) Kwikset Kevo smart lock, the industry’s first smart lock powered by UniKey technology, and the Ring Video Doorbell now work together, enabling homeowners to secure and control their entire entryway. Homeowners can now see and speak with whoever is at the door via the Ring app, then quickly lock or unlock their Kevo smart lock, all from their smartphones. This integration is the latest in a series of integration’s Ring is announcing as part if its new Ring Plus program, which enables customers to connect several of their smart home devices to Ring.

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How smart is your home?



If there’s one term I keep hearing repeatedly from consumers, it’s “smart house.” People in the market for a home are now adding smart features to their house-shopping wish lists, and for good reason. They like the efficiency, convenience, and money savings that these smart features now offer. According to a joint survey this year by Coldwell Banker and CNET of approximately 4,000 Americans, 28 percent of the survey respondents said they own at least one smart-home feature, and most millennials said they plan to adopt smart-home technology in their homes. The same survey revealed that 81 percent are more likely to buy a home with smart products already installed. Even remodeled homes are featuring more smart features to attract these tech-savvy buyers.

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Sentri Home Security And Automation Hub Up For Pre-Order Today


<img class=" wp-image-258 alignleft" src="http://blogs-images.forbes.com/anthonykarcz/files/2015/11/Sentri_Bookshelf.jpg" alt="Photo courtesy of Sentri" width="400" height="225" />
<blockquote class="curated_content">Quick, how many connected devices do you have in your house? Do you have a smart thermostat or LED bulbs? How do you control them, via various different apps on your phone? What about when you’re gone and your phone is with you? What do you do then?

Sentri is a new company on the scene that has an answer to all of these questions. Coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign, they are offering a home-automation hub and security camera to help everyone in your household control your smart devices and keep them safe. Compatible with Nest, Philips Hue, and WeMo switches (for now, more partners will be announced in the future), Sentri provides easy access to your smart home via a 10-inch touchscreen.</blockquote>

Next-Gen Lowe’s Iris Now in Stores; Free Home Automation Hub with Trade-In



Lowe’s Iris Next-Generation home automation system now available, featuring hardware by Centralite and powered by a home-grown SHaaS (smart home as a service) platform.

Most importantly, notes Lowe’s, “The new hub is FREE to existing users!”

Current customers should be receiving an email from Lowe’s on how to claim the free hub (trade-in not available in stores)

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3 Doorbell Home Security Cameras to Secure Your Entryway


Doorbell home security cameras can provide a peek at your entryway from anywhere in the world. Typically, these products operate like a standard doorbell. However, in addition to sounding off a tone when someone pushes the button, you will also get a smartphone alert and have the ability to answer the door remotely.

Are you ready to see who goes there? Let’s take a peek at three doorbell home security cameras that can secure your entryway.

These three doorbell home security cameras allow you to see who’s at your front door from anywhere in the world.

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