Home automation gets another boost as MivaTek launches solutions to secure your home



The Internet of Things is everywhere these days, and has become almost unavoidable. Reaction can be a bit mixed, ranking from calling it SkyNet to embracing the technology. It doesn’t always work as planned — I’m reasonably certain that one of my colleagues here could turn off my lights (don’t get any ideas guys).

Now MivaTek aims to fix those problems with new solutions for both home and business. Included are security cameras, water leak sensors and monitoring for disruptions to the alarm system. More importantly, it can keep track of health and send help if needed.

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Intel Gets Into Reality TV Game with Wearables Competition


SAN FRANCISCO—Intel is going into reality TV.

The chip maker is partnering with Mark Burnett—the create of such series as “Survivor,” “Shark Tank,” and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”—to create a television show in which device makers compete to create the best wearable or connected device using Intel’s Curie technology.

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Microsoft Cortana Gets A Voice Through Android


Cortana, Microsofts voice-powered digital assistant, is moving from Windows-based phones and PCs to the Android platform as part of Microsofts efforts to expand beyond its own ecosystem. A public beta version of Cortana for Android has become available here for consumers who want to replace Androids Google Now voice-activated assistant. Microsoft is also working on bringing Cortana to Apples iOS mobile devices to replace Siri.

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