CES 2016: LG And Samsung battle for smart home leadership


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<blockquote class="curated_content">LG and Samsung are planning to do battle for control of your home at CES. Samsung is bringing its acquired SmartThings technology to TVs to provide a central hub from which your home can be controlled. LG just announced it is going to showcase its Smarthome Hub at CES as well. Each idea has its merits and problems, but I think LG is closer to what we initially need than Samsung is. Let me explain.</blockquote>

Thanks To K3OPS and YUAN Jun, Home Automation System Technology Takes Huge Leap Forward



Made in France and revolutionary, the company is ready to release a totally wire-less and battery-less Home Automation system. From Smart Home, you will soon experience the excellence of a Brilliant system. It uses interconnected nodes network, independent from the base securing a total control through remote access of your living environments by the mean of protocols that improved all communications from the systems to the application on their smartphone.

Image courtesy of mytechbits.com