Climax Technology Brings Connected Senior Care to ISC West


CClimaxlimax Technology Brings Connected Senior Care to ISC West Z-Wave Alliance.

Climax Technology Co., Ltd. is a security, senior care, and smart home complete-solutions provider that has successfully integrated wireless security, senior care, home automation, energy management, emergency service, and visual monitoring into innovative all-in-one solutions.

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DIY: Remotely Monitor Your Aging Loved One (SmartThings + Initial State)



95% of people age 75 and older have no desire to live anywhere but their own home and remain independent. You cannot be with them all of the time, and not knowing what is currently happening or happened while you were away can lead to an enormous amount of worry and anxiety. Several solutions that leverage a variety of web-connected sensors combined with a monitoring service have popped up in the last couple of years.

Senior Lifestyle, A New Internet of Things Application



“Everyone wants to get old, nobody wants to be old.” Unless that is, if we can use technology to make our lives more secure and more comfortable.

There is a solution that utilizes the latest generation of sensors, communication and smart cloud technologies. The Sensara Senior Lifestyle System is a new generation Internet of Things (IoT) service application that can help people to live at home longer, secure and comfortable, and that provides peace of mind to seniors, their loved ones and their caretakers. This system does not use intrusive cameras or devices that people constantly need to wear on their body.

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Studies applied to home automation trade | Community Newspaper Group



CLARKSON resident Jessica Rigden saw the results of her scholarship studies with the recent opening of the Independent Living Centre (ILC) and Smart Home Display in Cockburn.

The occupational therapist received the 2015 Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) scholarship earlier this year.

Her aim was to develop knowledge and skills around smart home technology to support people with disability and the aging population to provide more control and safety, allowing them to live more independently.

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What is Home Automation (Blog Post 1)


Home Automation is finally here!  And, it is here to stay in a big way.  But, what is Home Automation?  Further, what are the different kinds or types of Home Automation and what are they?

Before I get started with elaborate explanations of how Z-Wave uses wireless radio waves or how X-10 and UPB send signals that are carried over your homes existing household wiring, I think it would be prudent to get a definition going for Home Automation in general just so anyone who is not clear on what the industry is, will better understand it.

Home automation is the automation of the home, put simply.  What that means is that Home Automation is the automation of a home’s housework or household activities which may include centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC), appliances, and other systems.  The purpose of Home Automation is to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security to those who utilize it.  It is the residential extension of Building Automation which is best described as providing advanced functionality by the control system, via Home Automation, to a building in a commercial or business oriented environment.

There is another category within the Home Automation Industry, called Assistive Domotics.

Assistive Domotics focuses on making it possible for the elderly and disabled to remain at home, safe and comfortable. Home automation is becoming a viable option for the elderly and disabled who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility. This field uses much of the same technology and equipment as home automation for security, entertainment, and energy conservation but tailors it towards the elderly and disabled.  It’s use as an aid to assist the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality of life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

Home Automation is an interesting field, one that is very quickly becoming, or soon to become, a part of our everyday lives.  Whether we like it or not, it is here to stay and we can make of it what we will.

Thank you for letting us “automate YOUR world” today and I am looking forward to publishing our next blog post in this series, entitled “What is Home Automation – An Introduction to Z-Wave”


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