GE Jasco Z-Wave Model 45612WB & LAB Dimmer Switches have been discontinued!


April 2/2014 Update: Jasco Products has decided that they no longer want their JASCO branded products to be sold direct to consumers. They have indeed discontinued the 45612LAB line of products as well as ALL lab (light almond) colored switches and dimmers but are replacing them with the 45712 line of dimmers and soon the 45709 models. The 457XX series models are JASCO branded and will feature interchangeable colored faceplates but will only be sold to Contractors, Installers and Integrators. Only the GE brand in retail packaging will be available to retail customers.


The caveat here is twofold. One, with the new 457XX series switches no longer available for sale to retail customers, this limits the average consumer to a product line consisting of only 2-wire dimmers model 45612 & 45613 3-way switch kits for incandescent lights only. Second, retail customers are only left with one color choice, white, until the new 457XX series from JASCO replace the GE line around the end of the summer.


Original Post dated March 17, 2014; ┬áThe Jasco 45712 Z-Wave dimmers came in today, they have been redesigned from a 2-wire to a 3-wire dimmer now, requiring a neutral. They are now LED and CFL compatible so that should shake up the market a bit! We tested them really quickly with a dimmable LED today and they work great! I will try to get some more of my real world tests completed for you as soon as I have a chance but they definitely do work pretty good on the one LED I tested now that they have that neutral connection – what a difference.


Plus, they now come with interchangeable faceplates in both White and Light Almond.


The 45612WB and 45612LAB 2-wire dimmers are now discontinued.

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