Centralite 3-Series Zigbee Motion Sensor for PEQ, SmartThings Hub, and other ZHA 1.2 Certified Hubs


The 3-Series Motion Detector adds both security and advanced home automation features to your connected home. You can be notified when there’s movement in a certain area and even trigger lighting scenes, HVAC settings, and security alarms based on the detection of motion. The 3-Series Motion Sensor provides virtually limitless flexibility for interacting with your home!




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Zipato ZipaBox – Zigbee Plug-in Expansion Module – Control Zigbee & Z-Wave Plus Devices!

Zipato ZipaBox - Zigbee Plug-in Expansion Module

Zipato ZipaBox – Zigbee Plug-in Expansion Module





The ZigBee expansion module allows Zipabox to communicate with all ZigBee enabled devices and integrate them into one unified home automation network.  Once added by simply plugging the module into your Zipato Zipabox Main Controller, you now have an integrated Z-Wave and Zigbee controller capable of utilizing all the devices that both protocols have to offer.


Zipato ZipaBox Home Automation Controller – Zigbee, Z-Wave c/w Security System and much more…

Zipato ZipaBox Home Automation Controller

Zipato ZipaBox Home Automation Controller






Control your entire home with the Zipato Zipabox! Designed to provide home automation, security, and energy savings all in one unit, the Zipabox supports a variety of technologies through simple, modular customization

HA World Testing Department – Home Automation Hub & Device Compatibility


Did you know that HA World has a dedicated testing department that actually installs and uses many of the Z-Wave, Insteon, Lutron Caseta & Pico, X-10 and Zigbee devices that we sell in our store with some of the most popular HA hubs and gateways?

Here is a list of the hubs we currently have up and running for testing…

Wink Hub by Quirky/Wink (We just became a Quirky/Wink dealer)

VeraEdge and VeraLite from Vera Controls, Inc.

Fibaro Home Center Lite

Universal Devices Z-Wave/Insteon Controller ISY994I ZW/PRO IR

Universal devices newly released Z-wave compatible ISY994iZW/IR PRO

From Insteon, both the older X-10 compatible Insteon Hub as well as the new 2014 version Insteon Hub 2

IP Datatel Gateway 2.0

Homeseer HS3 Home Automation Software

ActiveHome Pro and various X-10 Controllers/Interfaces (CM15A)

Coming soon – Lutron Bridge, Staples Connect, IRIS hubs and more…

We test these popular hubs with many different home automation products that we sell including brands and manufacturers such as Linear Corp (now Nortek Security & Control), GE Jasco, Vera Controls, Leviton, Cooper Aspire, Honeywell, Kwikset, Aeon Labs, Fibaro Home Intelligence, Insteon, X-10 Pro USA, Evolve Guest Controls, Awox Bluetooth, Wink/Quirky, Lutron Caseta/Pico Clear Connect, Centralite, Enerwave and more.

We consider this type of direct product testing a very important value added feature of the services and products we provide to our customers.  We hope you appreciate it as well.

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We also have a free, live chat line for technical support on our home page and in our online store if you need help or have some questions.  It’s open every day we are from 8:30am to 4:30pm MST.

Or you can call us Toll Free at 1-800-920-9804


Thanks for letting us “automate YOUR world”!

Kelly R. Foster – HA World


Just got the Wink Hub in for testing!


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HA World recently became a Wink/Quirky+GEwink hub 1280x999 dealer, and today we received our Wink Hub.  Very excited to start testing it with our new line of Lutron Clear Connect (Caseta and Pico) Wireless products, and of course Z-Wave!  Will keep you all informed as soon as we have time to get it connected and up and running, we consider this type of direct product testing a very important value added feature of the services and products we provide to our valued customers.  We hope you appreciate it as well.


As always, thanks for letting us “automate YOUR world”!

Kelly R. Foster – HA World

HA World now sells Quirky-GE-Wink Products! Introducing the Tripper Window/Door Sensor for Wink Hub PTRPR-WH01


Tripper lets you keep tabs on virtually any door or window in your house from anywhere. Install it on your bedroom window, pantry door, or medicine cabinet, and it will send you an alert whenever a connected hatchway opens or shuts.

Read the full version from the author’s website…

Home Automation at CES: What to Expect


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is set to start in just a few short weeks, allowing companies to show off their newest and best products. There are a number of categories set to be shown off at CES.

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Lots of new products coming out right now too, as well as next year!

Jasco Products has a big booth this year and has started releasing their new line of Z-Wave devices, the 12xxx model series featuring replacement switches for all their old rocker switches as well as introducing the new toggle switches. The rockers are available in White and Light Almond colors and the toggle is now available in White with Lt. Almond coming soon as well as additional colors in Ivory, Brown and Black. They have also replaced the 2-wire rocker dimmers with a 3-wire LED/CFL dimmer, same as the Contractor Only model 45712, and the toggle will be available soon in a 2-wire version also. they have some new plug-in modules with energy metering built-in, a ceiling fan motor speed controller, and an outdoor 40A Smart Switch as well. I think next year will bring their new line of Zigbee switches (I have even heard of a new bluetooth switch in the works – are they going to do BT as well?), although I am not sure if it will be at this year’s show, probably not.

Fibaro has released their newest US offering, the 4-in-1 Z-Wave Motion Sensor combining motion, temperature, light level and vibration functions. Its an incredible device, the smallest of its kind on the market, which fits nicely into the multitude of multi-purpose sensors which should be at this years show. I am sure they will also be showing their recent products into the US, the D/W sensors, RGBW LED strip controller, the flood sensor and the Home Center HC2 controller. My opinion, these are the best devices on the market!

Linear/2Gig is introducing their new Z-Wave water sensor which uses new technology to measure water flow for plumbing pipes without cutting any pipes and is z-wave controlled, and I am sure they will be touting their new Z-Wave Sounder alarm, door/window sensors, PIR sensor and of course, the BEST new Z-Wave Dimmable LED bulbs on the market, the BulbZ LB60Z-1. Oh and the new garage door controller as well, the GD00Z which is in full release now but was introduced at last year’s show, there are now 4 different versions so do your research when buying one to make sure its compatible. Linear is making alot of corporate changes right now with the merger and renaming of some of their divisions as well as a greater concentration of DIY products. GoControl, 2Gig and Linear will have more of a standalone DIY line of smart products such as switches, bulbs, thermostats, controllers etc, to start release in the 2nd quarter 2015. Should be very cool to see what they will do next year, they are already the largest producer of HA products in the world so should be interesting.

Some notable brands I wanted to mention will be Echostar Sage with their new Set-top Box with built-in Z-Wave, Zigbee, WIFI and BT featuring TV overlays and PIP and camera integration, D-Link has some new Z-wave cameras, ADT Pulse will probably be showing off their coming soon IFTTT integration as well as announcing future expansion plans, Green Peaks has some interesting lifestyle tech via Zigbee, Centralite a new Garage Door solution second to Linear’s on the market but will feature motion sensing, current, light and laser safety controls. Pella is supposed to be showing some z-wave shades and windows, and Ecobee and Keen are supposed to be showing off their z-wave vents.

Some additional brands and manufacturers this year without getting into too much detail are Securify with the Almond Router, NextLock, SysLink, WigWag, Vision Automotive, Qualcomm and many more.

This is by no means meant to be an all-inclusive list, but just a few of the items we found interesting to date and wanted to share with all of you, 2015 will be a very exciting and interesting year for HA, I believe this will be our biggest year yet with alot of new stuff coming out already. Lets hope it the RIGHT kind of stuff!

Feel free to expand on the list of brands/manufacturers too!

Implications of ZigBee 3.0: Towards a More Universal Home Automation Standard … Kinda Like Z-Wave


One big gripe about ZigBee, the home automation and energy management technology, is that it isn’t really a standard. Not all ZigBee “Pro” interoperable devices communicate with others.

More from the original author’s website…

Now I get that everyone is sick of new so-called standards, but I see Zigbee 3.0 as being quite a bit different. I have never been a fan of the separate profiles that zigbee uses but they have been around as long as Z-Wave and with this new “3.0 standard” (I am not sure the term “standard” is even the correct name for it) almost all of them with the exception of Crestron/Control4 devices and Zigbee Energy metering devices used by the power companies will now be compatible. There may even be a potential for integrating 6LowPan devices, although thats a guess on my part. I am also wondering if 3.0 will include Centralite and their Cable Co HA products (Azela) into the mix as being compatible with ZHA1.2 as well. That would even integrate TWC/Comcast, here in the US, and Rogers, in Canada, HA systems as being more DIY ready as well as making their Jetstream products compatible with Azela, and further compatible with Philips HUE or others – again just a guess.

I see this as groundbreaking news for HA because, one, its not really a new standard but more about the integration of existing zigbee profiles, and two, it seems like there may be a potential here, once Thread has been finalized and is more mature, for popular products like Nest, Philips Hue, WeMo, and many more to be all capable of speaking to each other. Thats possible to some degree now with bridges but I am getting the impression that these devices may even be able to communicate P2P without a bridge or a hub, similar to Insteon devices. Just surmising on that one.

Also, this new ratification is not supposed to have any affect on existing devices, so developers can keep making Zigbee HA 1.2 devices, NEST can keep making 6Lowpan devices and they may ALL be compatible with 3.0 via OTA firmware updates, but all the older profiles will be forward compatible with the new 3.0. If you ask me, Zigbee just became a major threat to Z-Wave. Not picking sides here, I love Z-Wave and Insteon, but I never believed Zigbee was going to be a true threat to the DIY HA industry until now. Just my opinion.

Thank you for letting us, “automate YOUR world”!

Kelly R. Foster – HA World